“The Liar’s Diary,” by Patry Francis, is a book with a catchy title and cover. These are two ingredients that often catch my attention. In this case, the book was recommended by Amazon and neither the name, nor the cover illustrations, factored much into my decision to purchase it. Unfortunately, the book was a disappointment. It lacks the descriptive detail that would make it more interesting. After reading all of it, I wanted to know more about the characters in the story. I wanted to know how they dressed, the facial features that made them interesting and the little twitches or physical movements that might make them unique.

Descriptive detail often makes a story. In this case, there is not enough of it and that makes what could otherwise be a good book, just mediocre.

The story line is good and there is enough of a twist at the end that it is difficult to guess who did what and why. I think that it has potential to be a very good book if it is revised and descriptive detail is added, making the book grow by about fifty percent. The story is about a dysfunctional family that refuses to face the fact that every member is living a lie; I guess this makes the title of the book very accurate. There is one character in the book that everyone believes is a liar and a person without morals. It turns out, however, that this is the person with the strongest morality and the one who tells the truth most often.

I would recommend a rewrite to the author. Because of the lack of descriptive detail and character development, I cannot recommend this book.

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