“La Sombra Del Viento” has the unique honor of being the first Spanish book reviewed on this site. I read it in its original language and was fascinated by the richness of the writing. The author created a work of art with an interesting story line, fascinating characters and vivid, descriptive detail.

The quality of the writing borders on genius. The protagonist of the story and the various antagonists are so vividly crafted that you feel completely immersed in their story.

The book delivers two parallel stories that mirror each other, although many years separate them. The stories are love stories and tragedies which show how cruel life can be even to the undeserving.

“La Sombra Del Viento” is about an author whose books have caused him and his immediate friends much hardship. It is about true love and strong friendship. It is also about the sinister and destructive power of envy and hate. Carlos Ruiz Zafon shows us, through his writing, that positive forces can win against all odds–that love trumps hate and envy. I found this book uplifting and spiritual, but not until I read it completely and understood its message more clearly.

I have translated a quote from the original Spanish so you can get a feel for this book: “I spoke to her about not having understood until that moment that it was a story of lonely people, of absences and losses, and that for that reason, I had sought refuge in it to the point of confusion with my own life, like someone who escapes via the pages of a novel because those who he needs to love are only shadows that live in the soul of the stranger.” With poetic prose like that, I have to give this book my highest recommendation.

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